What Makes Seafood Have a Southern Twist

Jul 28, 2014 | Food

There are millions of seafood restaurants all across the United States.  They are spread out in just about every state, and all strive to serve up great food for their guests.  The problem with so many of these restaurants, though, is that few of them are serving unique food.  Many of these seafood restaurants are serving up the same fish and chips, fried clams, scallops, and other classic dishes.  The seafood restaurants that are the most likely to succeed are those that take the culture of where the restaurant resides, and infuses that culture into each dish that is made.

The taste of southern food is something that many Americans crave for.  Visitors of an area such as Jacksonville want to be able to sample the tastes of the region, that southern twist that can get your taste buds jumping.  So what makes seafood have that southern twist?  How can restaurants be unique in what seafood they are serving up?
Beginning With the Main Protein
The main protein of the meal, the seafood itself, is where things can begin to heat up in the kitchen.  Southern seafood is known for some unique things.  Some of these that come to mind include gator tail, conch fritters, as well as other more southeastern-based fish that are caught.  The main protein of the dish should be soothing that was caught locally.  This local seafood is what is going to make all of the difference in terms of allowing a guest to have something truly unique.

Think about the source of the seafood that you are eating.  If a seafood restaurant serves you up a piece of haddock that they just defrosted from their supplier, and you can get haddock at home as well, what is the difference?  Locally caught fish that are unique to the region are what is going to allow you to have a truly different experience.
Adding All of the Spices and Sauces
Southern food is known for its preparation, its spices, and its sauces.  The type of food is prepared in a certain way where it can either have delicious spices added, or spices that can also give the food a bit of a kick, also delicious in the eyes of many.

The sauces of southern food can also bring a lot out in terms of the taste that a guest is going to get out of the meal.  Southern restaurants that strive to have unique spices and unique sauces can set themselves apart.

Restaurants in the Jacksonville area should always strive to really capture the taste of the local culture.  That southern flair is hard to come by in the restaurant scene, especially southern flair done right.  Seafood restaurants such as the Julington Creek Fish Camp have succeeded on being able to capture what seafood with a southern twist should taste like.  This is why so many people visit and enjoy the restaurant on a daily basis, it is just that good.