What Brings Tourists and Locals to a Jacksonville Destination Restaurant

Aug 11, 2014 | Atmosphere|Food

Every restaurant strives to be popular and current with the citizens and tourists of a particular location.  This is especially the case in a city such as Jacksonville, FL.  Achieving the status of a destination restaurant means that the location is sought after by just about everyone in the area.  They seek out the restaurant, talk about it with friends, and plan their nights around trying to make it out to it for a special evening.

What exactly makes a restaurant a destination though?  Surely not every restaurant can be seen as a true hot spot in the eyes of citizens and tourists of Jacksonville, FL.  When it is all said and done, there are a few key factors that make a restaurant stick out as a popular location.  It boils down to the staff of the restaurant, the atmosphere that they set, and the food that is served.
Setting the Tone at the Top
The tone at the top of any restaurant is what is going to drive everything else in terms of how guests are cared for.  It starts with the owners.  The owner or owners of a restaurant are going to dictate the type of atmosphere that they want established.  Owners such as those of the Julington Creek Fish Camp understand the importance of caring for each and every guest that walks through the door.  This mentality is instilled in all of the staff below them so that they take special care of everyone.

The staff of a restaurant is going to drive the comfort level of every guest that enters.  This means the staff should try and be happy and ready to greet each guest when they walk in the door.  Going the extra mile to ensure that guests are happy and cheerful about the place that they work to make it a true destination really matters.  This means having staff ready to greet every guest that walks through the door with a smile, getting to know who the guests are, and trying to make a difference in terms of making their evening that much more special.
Atmosphere You Want to Be a Part Of
The atmosphere of a restaurant is something that often gets overlooked by managers trying to establish it as a successful destination.  The atmosphere of any restaurant, though, is what is going to bring back guests time and time again.  When restaurants have fun and lively atmospheres, it is a setting that is infectious in a way.  When you are there you feel the enjoyment and the happiness and when you are gone, you are thinking about the next time that you can go there to experience that all over again.

Atmosphere focuses on everything from the setting of the restaurant, to the décor inside, the type of guests, the music, and everything in-between.  It is top-to-bottom the entire setting of the restaurant and everything that it brings to the table.  Think about the most successful restaurants out there, they are all known for something in terms of their settings, their events that they have.  This gives a restaurant a unique enough flavor to make it a true destination in the eyes of guests in Jacksonville, FL.
Never Underestimate the Power of Food
So we have hit on the staff and the important role that they play, as well as the atmosphere that is created in a restaurant.  What are we missing?  We are missing one of the biggest components to the success of any restaurant, the food that is served.  Restaurants never want to underestimate the power of the food that they are serving their guests.  The more unique their food is and the better tasting that it is, the more it is going to stand out in the eyes of guests.  Things such as using local and fresh ingredients also add to the flavor to create meal experiences guests are going to seek out time and time again.

Destination restaurants can really make for special locations for citizens and tourists in an area like Jacksonville, FL.  In order to be a true destination restaurant, you need to have everything from the staff, to the lively atmosphere, and food that everyone is going to be talking about before, during, and after the meal.  With all of this throw in together, restaurants can make their mark on an area and set themselves up as a true destination location that will be found by all in the area.