Unique Seafood Twists Based on Classic Restaurant Dishes

Jun 23, 2014 | Food

Seafood restaurants are often looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competitors in the area.  One of the best ways to do this is to add some unique twists to classic seafood dishes.  Pretty much everyone has had seafood once or twice in their life.  They likely have go-to dishes that they will order at virtually every seafood restaurant they visit.  Those restaurants that add some unique twists, though, are going to be the ones that stand out and actually get remembered by the guests.  Let’s take a look at some of the unique seafood twists out there.
Calamari with Added Spice
Crispy fried calamari is enjoyed every day at seafood restaurants around the world.  The best way to add some unique flair to calamari is with the dipping sauce.  The dipping sauce a restaurant chooses to go with their calamari should be based on the home culture of that restaurant.  For southern-based restaurants, such as Julington Creek Fish Camp, this means adding some delicious spicy tomato sauce for dipping.  This added spice makes it unique to the area and hits the taste buds of guests immediately.
Changing Up the Classic Fish Taco
Fish tacos are one os the most common seafood options available.  Many restaurants simply do not do these justice, though.  In order for fish tacos to stand out, they have to be different.  One variation that is catching the attention of a Baja style fish taco with salsa and sour cream unique to the home culture of the restaurant.  One thing to note with fish tacos, be wary of the type of fish that they are served with.  This can really make an impact on the taste.
Unique Tartar Sauce
One way that seafood restaurants have begun to stand out is to put their own unique twist on the classic tartar sauce.  This is easier said than done, though.  Tartar sauce is something that everyone has tried once before and everyone associates a certain type of taste with it.  Trying to improve upon tartar sauce is similar in the eyes of many to trying to improve ketchup, it is hard to do.  The best seafood restaurants, though, have managed to create unique tartar varieties that take things up a notch and make the taste buds dance.
Seafood Sides with Unique Tastes
The sides of any seafood dish are almost as important as the main meal itself.  The typical sides with seafood range from cole slaw to french fries.  Some restaurants, though, go in a different route.  One example is the turnip cole slaw offered at the Julington Creek Fish Camp.  This different twist on cole slaw is unique and absolutely delicious for the guests.  Changing up the sides for the better can add some unique flavors to any meal.

Seafood restaurants are always jockeying for position in the marketplace.  Many do not realize the benefits that are out there, though, simply by adding some unique twists to classic dishes.  Many seafood fans really want to try something different, and giving them that option is what keeps them coming back.