Seafood Trends Coming in 2020

Jan 9, 2020 | Diet|Food

Along with optimistic resolutions and quiet recovery from the busy holidays, the new year always brings a slew of exciting trends on the food scene. Prior years have given us acai bowls, pho and salmon lox, and the fun foods we’ll see this year are just as delicious. Julington Creek Fish Camp believes in the classic southern staples we serve each day. We also love to incorporate fun new dishes we think you’ll love. Here are a few items you’ll see all around Florida as we dive head-first into 2020:

Walk on the Wild Side with Squid Ink Pasta

Does black pasta scare you? Don’t let it! This spooky entree takes traditional pasta recipes to a whole new level. While the bold, black noodles may look pungent in flavor, the squid ink flavors are surprisingly mild.

The rise of #PhoneEatsFirst on Instagram gives way to food trends with an eye-catching aesthetic. Squid ink pasta packs that “wow” factor without sacrificing the mild flavor of traditional noodles. If you want to play around with this trend at home, simply order some squid ink or squid ink noodles on Amazon and prepare your favorite pasta dish accordingly.

The Keto Craze Applies to Main Dishes of All Kinds

Chefs in every corner of the country are taking a health-conscious approach to dishes now more than ever. Keto foods must be low in carbs and relatively high in fat. If you want to follow the diet, it’s important to keep your daily net carb intake lower than 50 grams.

A few years ago we saw the introduction of gluten-free menus at restaurants across the country. The Julington Creek food experts expect to see keto-focused menus pop up all over. The dishes on these menus will likely be heavy with vegetables, meat and cheese. Nothing wrong with that in our books!

Sustainably Sourced, Hyper-Local Seafood

This is one health trend we can certainly get behind. While we always strive to offer the freshest, local seafood at the Fish Camps, this high standard isn’t internationally recognized. Hyper-local seafood sourcing focuses more on individual regions and less on the state as a whole.

When it comes to Julington Creek Fish Camp, this means cooking what we can catch right in our backyard. Thankfully, Jacksonville is home to many wonderful fish and shellfish that we feature on our menus daily.

Sample Your Favorite Seafood Trends at Julington Creek Fish Camp

While we may not hop on board of every food trend, we certainly love to experiment with a few that catch our eye. Come try something new at Julington Creek this year. From freshly prepared ceviche to deviled crab, there’s something new for everyone on our menu.

Book your reservation today. We look forward to kicking off the new year with you!