New Year, New You and New Cocktails!

Jan 23, 2019 | Dining

In our opinion, there’s nothing better than sipping a refreshing cocktail with a jaw-dropping view of the river. Lucky for you, you can get all of this right down the road at Julington Creek Fish Camp. Our incredibly skilled bartenders love experimenting with fresh ingredients, and one of our favorite ways to liven up our cocktails is with seasonal herbs and produce. Here are some excellent cocktails with unique ingredients you won’t find anywhere else:

Cool Citrus

Limes and lemons are absolute staples in any serious chef’s or bartender’s arsenal. The smooth mix of sweet and sour is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of liquors.


Fish Camp Old Fashioned: This cocktail is certainly a classic and always satisfies. The Julington Creek Fish Camp version includes 4 Roses small batch, bitter, brown sugar, cherry and the perfect amount of fresh orange. Sip slowly and take in the aromas of whiskey and fresh citrus. It hits all of the right notes.

Cucumber Basil Gimlet: This tasty creation features Nolet’s gin, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, a splash of simple syrup, fresh cucumber and, of course, lime. Freshly squeezed lime juice goes incredibly well with stronger liquors if you haven’t picked up on that yet! If you’re a fan of traditional gimlets or love fresh flavors like cucumber and lime, put yourself down for one of these babies.


Bright Berries

They’re sweet, they’re colorful, they’re perfect for a cocktail! No matter your preference, fresh berries enhance the smooth flavors of the alcohol they’re mixed with, with the flavors being even more enhanced by the right choice of mixers.


Blackberry Whiskey Smash: It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this 19th-century cooler. Whiskey Smashes are simple, refreshing and the perfect combination of flavors. We start with rye whiskey and ginger ale, then kick it up a notch with blackberries, lemon and simple syrup. Voila! Get ready for one of the best dang cocktails on this side of the Mississippi.  

Laid Back: When your night starts with cucumber vodka, you’re in for a refreshing ride. When you mix in agave nectar, mint, lemon sour and blueberries, your evening might be the best ever. We pour a generous amount of vodka into a glass and mix with the fresh ingredients listed above. Can a cocktail be flawless? We think so.


Harmonious Herbs

As if liquor wasn’t enough. Our Julington Creek Fish Camp bartenders are here to help you have a good time, and there’s no better way to do that than by mixing alcohol with, seasonal herbs. Whether it’s basil, mint or cilantro, herbs have a special place in our hearts and a few of our cocktails!


Hot Mama: This one’s a bit more complicated but well worth the time and energy! After mixing tequila, lime juice, simple ginger syrup, cucumber and jalapeno, we decided something was missing. What’s that? Oh yeah, cilantro! Give it a try; you might forget what life was like before this fun cocktail.

Texas Peach: You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas. This cocktail is no exception! It’s a simple but hard-hitting cocktail that Julington Creek Fish Camp is proud to serve. First, Tito’s vodka is mixed with peach liqueur and ginger simple syrup. The second (and last!) step is adding lemon juice and fresh basil! Simple, fresh, perfect.


There ya have it, folks — six compelling reasons to stop by Julington Creek Fish Camp a few times this season. Pop into any of the restaurants in the Southern Table Hospitality Group (The Fish Camps, Safe Harbor Seafood, Marker 32 and Valley Smoke) for a crisp winter cocktail with a view, of course. Our incredibly talented bartenders love experimenting with fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs and they can’t wait to create a yummy cocktail for you!