Meat Your Match: Get to Know Each Cut of Steak

Sep 25, 2018 | Food

Americans might say they’re cutting back on red meat, but the numbers tell a different story! The average American consumes approximately 50 pounds of beef every year. While people are certainly eating healthier than ever, it’s hard to resist a perfectly cut piece of red meat. Even if you’re an avid beef-eater, I’m sure there’s a thing or two left for you to learn about the types of meat you eat:

Filet Mignon

We’ll start with the crème de la crème, the filet mignon. This cut of meat comes from a portion of the cow that’s rarely used during physical activity. The lack of weight bearing on this muscle results in a tender and buttery cut of meat that your knife can cut with ease. All the flavor and none of the fat, this cut of meat is highly desirable and we totally understand why! This is the cut of steak that you order for special occasions because you’ll be paying extra for the tenderized meat. Extra money is well-spent for extra special occasions.

Rib Eye

This cut of meat is packed with flavor because it’s held together by a thick, white layer of fat. These steaks come boneless or still attached to the rib bone itself. Although the boneless steak is more convenient for cutting and eating, the bone-in steak is more tender and more flavorful. This cut has more of a chew to it as opposed to the filet mignon, but it’s well worth the chew due to the abundance of flavor.

New York Strip

The New York strip is an everyday kind of steak. If you’re in the mood for steak on a random Wednesday, then this is the steak for you. They’re lean and mean, they have less marbleization which results in more of a chew when compared to the rib eye. Ultimately, the New York strip is a cheaper option over other steak cuts. It’s good for your wallet any day of the weak. You get all of the steak flavor for a bargain.

Porter House

This steak is commonly referred to as the “T-bone,” for good reason too! It’s a bone-in steak and the bone is actually in “T” shape. The bone divides the filet mignon cut and the New York strip cut. The porterhouse is exactly as you imagine it: a powerhouse in the steak world. It’s a major cut of meat and is probably way more than enough for one sitting… Unless you’re extremely hungry, no judgment over here! Ordering this cut is a two-in-one deal, two steaks served together on one plate.

These are our most commonly ordered steaks and they fit the bill when it comes to dangerously delicious entrees. We take our steaks very seriously…after all, it’s our job! From rare to well-done on top of the many choices of steak cuts, the options might seem endless. Depending on the occasion, your tenderness tolerance or your preferred flavor profile, there’s a steak cut for every situation. Order yourself a steak, a glass of red wine and enjoy. Cheers!