What Makes A Great Crab Cake

Oct 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

Something as delicious as a crab cake doesn’t just come together on a whim. Preparation and freshness are what sets a great crab cake apart from one that’s simply subpar. If you’re searching for a guide to the perfect crab cake, you’ve come to the right place. The Julington Creek Fish Camp chefs are experts in the matter, and we’re here to share some of their wisdom.

It All Starts with High-Quality Ingredients

A quick rule of thumb for all of the home cooks out there — the simplest recipes often require the absolute best ingredients money can buy. When crab cakes are made right, they’re often made with five ingredients or less.

A really great crab cake recipe avoids fillers and sticks to the good stuff. When you’re on the hunt for a good recipe (sorry, ours is top secret!), look for one with saltine crackers/bread crumbs, egg, mayo and Worcestershire sauce.

Perfect Your Crab Cake Cooking Method

Finding that perfect balance between a crispy exterior and a moist center is tricky. It’s all about the right pan paired with ideal cooking time. Unfortunately, it’s just not as easy as it sounds.

After you mix together the ingredients and form each cake, heat canola oil in a large skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until golden and crispy – about three minutes per side.

Add the Right Accoutrements to the Plate

A well-prepared crab cake is good all on its own, but fresh toppings bring out all the fresh flavors. A slice of lemon, homemade tartar sauce or aioli and a little hot sauce is all you need. Let your family and friends build their own perfect bite and scatter the toppings around the tables.

Once you have the toppings down, it’s all about the right beer, cocktail and wine pairings. Sip on a glass of Prosecco, a local lager or one of our seasonal cocktails to make the most of your meal.

Sample the Best at Julington Creek Fish Camp

There are only a few spots around Jacksonville that really know how to prepare a good crab cake. A white tablecloth restaurant doesn’t prepare this classic any better than a hole-in-the-wall seafood shack, that’s for sure.

The Julington Creek Fish Camp chef team takes fresh lump crab meat, seasonal herbs and toasted bread crumbs to create this local favorite. Dip each bit in our caper dill aioli for a flavor experience like no other.

Planning a visit to Julington Creek Fish Camp with your family or friends? Lucky us! Make a reservation in advance to snag your favorite table with a view.