Liquor + Entree Pairings You MUST Try

Jul 22, 2017 | Food|Julington Creek Fish Camp

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of drinking a certain beer or wine with your entree of choice, but we want to switch things up a bit. For those of us who prefer to sip something a little stronger, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Whether you’re a gin drinker or a tequila fan, there are plenty of drink + food pairings to get excited about. From subtle to strong, we’ve got the perfect liquor to pair with your next entree at Julington Creek Fish Camp:


Rye + Sushi

With a meaner bite than its bourbon relative, rye meets its match when paired with high-quality fish. The saltiness of accompaniments like seaweed and the distinct flavors of the main dish is complemented by the complex flavors in this liquor. Ask for a glass of rye on the rocks next time you order a sushi dish if you’re ready for your life to be changed.


Our favorite dish to pair with rye: Seared Yellow Fin Tuna with Toasted Sesame Salad


Tequila + Tacos

The only way to drink something as bold as tequila with your meal is to eat something with flavors that are equally powerful. Tacos and Tequilas are a centuries-old pairing for a reason, after all. The fatty flavors of the meat, the spice of the salsa and crunchiness of the lettuce are complemented by a smooth glass of tequila, not rivaled.


Our favorite dish to pair with tequila: Baja Style Tacos with Cod, Salsa Fresca, Adobe Sour Cream


Gin + Oysters

Those briny oysters need something smooth to wash ‘em down and gin is your guy. It’s hard not to think of Don Draper and his dapper suits when indulging in this classic pairing, but that’s because this duo is a classic. The herbal notes in gin blend splendidly with the freshness of oysters, creating a perfect match made in heaven.


Our favorite dish to pair with gin: Raw or Steamed Oysters on the Half Shell ½ Dozen & Dozen


Whiskey + Steak

Kick out that rich Cabernet and replace it with a dry whiskey. Steak is a serious dish that mustn’t be overpowered, which is why a smooth yet bold drink is the perfect accompaniment. Enjoy your next piece of aged red meat with a nice glass of whiskey (taken neat, of course.)


Our favorite dish to pair with whiskey: Top Sirloin Steak with Brandy Peppercorn Demi, Mixed Greens and Fries


Brandy + Anything Chocolate

Okay, okay, this isn’t an entree. But it totally deserves to be on this list. Although brandy could mean many different things, we’re specifically looking at aged brandy to sip with your sweets. The complexity, smooth texture and notes of caramel make aged brandy the perfect match for a chocolate torte, fudgy brownies, chocolate cheesecake…we could go on forever.


Our favorite dish to pair with brandy: Sweet & Salty Chocolate Torte


Liquor and entree pairings are a bit more difficult than simply beer or wine, so it’s important to get the flavor profiles right when placing your order. Doing a little research and a whole lot of experimenting are the only ways to discover what you enjoy. Next time you stop into Julington Creek Fish Camp, consult with one of our highly talented bartenders to make sure you get your food and drink pairing right the first time around. Cheers!