Jacksonville on Display at Julington Creek Fish Camp

Mar 17, 2014 | Scenery

Jacksonville has a rich history of being one of the best places in the world to just relax and enjoy yourself. The area of Jacksonville is full of quality restaurants. Few are able to really capture the spirit and heart of Jacksonville though like the Julington Creek Fish Camp can do.
The Setting Creates the Mood
The setting of the Julington Creek Fish Camp is what sets the restaurant up for success right from the start. The banks of Julington Creek are home to this Jacksonville gem. The restaurant has a setting that screams Jacksonville from every corner. This makes for one of the atmospheres truly signifies what the area of Jacksonville is all about.
Fresh Food
The food that is served up at the Julington Creek Fish Camp also is all centered around the attitude and style of the citizens of Jacksonville. The fresh Florida seafood offered at the restaurant is full of flavor and flash. Mixed with dishes that are covered in Southern soul and plenty of style, you are going to be able to enjoy some of the best food that Jacksonville is known for and has to offer.
Atmosphere Matters
Jacksonville is known as an extremely friendly place, a welcoming place where you can easily fit in and be like family. This is exactly what the Julington Creek Fish Camp strives for on a daily basis. The owners, staff, and the guests are all together in trying to make the restaurant a true family friendly atmosphere. Guests are greeted the minute they walk in and are given a meal and an overall experience that will have them happy and cheerful on the way out.
It Starts With the Owners
The real heart of the Julington Creek Fish Camp starts and ends with the owners of this great establishment. Ben and Liza Groshell have been able to put together some amazing restaurants in Jacksonville and the Julington Creek Fish Camp takes the cake. Being able to create a restaurant that brings the neighborhoods of Jacksonville together is a truly special accomplishment.

The community of the Julington Creek Fish Camp is what lets you know that it is all about Jacksonville. The community has and continues to rally around this restaurant in such a way that it has been entrenched in the culture of the city from start to finish.

Jacksonville is full of culture and style. Known for its fresh seafood and great fun atmospheres, it brings about a place that people love to live in and visit frequently. The Julington Creek Fish Camp has managed to capture this atmosphere and capitalize on it in a big way. The meals that are served up here are all about bringing together the imagination of the Jacksonvilel people. Enjoying a meal on the banks of Julington Creek only enhances that experiences a step further. In the end, there is not much better than enjoying a local Jacksonville scene with fresh seafood and friends all around you doing the same.