How To Eat Crab Legs Like a Pro

Aug 3, 2015 | Food

One of the hardest things to do at a Jacksonville seafood restaurant is to consume foods that are messy. How many times have you seen someone who does not know what they are doing try to consume chicken wings or baby back ribs?  It can end up being an absolute disaster! Crab legs, as delicious as they are, fall into this messy food category. When you visit Jacksonville seafood restaurants such as the Julington Creek Fish Camp, you should have an idea as to how you are going to take on the task of eating crab legs.


Crab legs appear more complex than they really are from a consumption perspective. It can be a bit of an ordeal to look down at a plate of crab legs when you are sitting there with a group of friends who are quite used to eating them. You certainly do not want to look like an amateur.


Patience Is the Key

The first step to eating crab legs like a pro is to make sure that you have patience. You cannot jump into a plate of crab legs and just assume that you are going to begin to crack them open and go to town in no time at all. It is not going to be this easy your first few times. When you are patient, you are going to make less of a mess, get less aggravated, and enjoy the meal that much more.


The Process of Eating Crab Legs

So how do you go about eating crab legs like a pro at Jacksonville seafood restaurants like Julington Creek Fish Camp? You should start out by grabbing one of the crab legs in one of your hands. You are going to want to hold it in a hand that is not your dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, grab it with your left hand and hold on. You then want to get the cracking tool and hold it with your dominant hand.

With the crab leg held in your non-dominant hand, in our example your left hand, take the crab leg and turn it on its side. This means you’ll be holding the crab leg sideways basically. The goal is to get the side of the crab leg to fit into the cracking tool that you are holding with your right hand. When you can get the whole crab leg into the tool, you’ll have a better chance of properly cracking it open.

Once you have the cracking tool around the leg, squeeze it with our dominant hand to crack open the shell of the crab. Grab your long-stemmed fork and begin to take the crab meat out of the shell of the crab leg.

In the event you are having trouble, you should now be able to twist the crab leg back and forth and further crack the shell. This is going to reveal whatever is left of the crab meat that is still hiding in there.

Crab Legs at Julington Creek Fish Camp
Crab legs are one of the best choices you can make at a seafood restaurant. They are so delicious yet they always leave you looking for more! That is why they are so popular at Julington Creek Fish Camp amongst other Jacksonville seafood restaurants. The next time you are thinking about ordering them but are scared of how to eat them, think over these steps and go into the meal with confidence.