Holiday Decorations Perfect for Your Boat

Dec 16, 2020 | Community

Seasonal decor goes way beyond the front yard these days. If you’ve lived in our coastal community for awhile, you know how much locals love to add a little personality to their bikes, boats and golf carts. Plenty of diners in December and January pull up to the Fish Camp on a festive boat. Read on for a few of our favorite environmentally-conscious ways to spruce up your boat this holiday season:

String Christmas Lights Around the Rails and Center Console

Safety should always be the number one priority when you’re out on the boat. The addition of lights increases the risk of electrical shock or fire, so it’s crucial to be strategic. Always use new string lights that have been checked for fraying wires and loose bulb connections. Use electric tape to secure the connections, and be sure not to overload the circuits.

Christmas lights really are the best way to have a little fun with your boat around the holidays. Once all the necessary safety steps are taken, lights are a guaranteed source of smiles and conversation when you pull up to Julington Creek Fish Camp.

Attach Figurines or Inflatables to the Bow

Use plastic zip ties to secure Santa and his reindeer at the front of your boat. This is a great idea for boaters who appreciate a slower cruising speed. If you plan to enter a boat parade or decorating competition, this is one idea that’ll take you over the top.

Pair your lifesize figures with on-theme fringe. Drape the railing all around your boat with shiny fringe in green, red and gold. Be sure to secure the fringe in place with zip ties to prevent anything from blowing into the water.

Take it Full-Circle with the Right Food, Music and Booze

The decorations don’t mean a thing if you don’t enjoy your time on the water! Spend some time with your loved ones in these next few weeks of the holiday season. Stock your boat with a few of these winter food and drink favorites for a guaranteed good time:

  • A pitcher of your favorite pre-made cocktail (Cosmopolitan, Winter White Sangria or an Old Fashioned)
  • Peanut butter covered pretzels
  • A thermos or two of hot apple cider (bring a bottle of rum to mix in if you’re feeling festive!)

Tie Up Your Boat at Julington Creek Fish Camp

We welcome boaters all week to enjoy fresh food, delicious cocktails and great company. Come show off your fun boat decorations and settle in for our seasonal menu offerings. Enjoy views of the water and the mild chill of a Jacksonville winter at Julington Creek Fish Camp.

Make a reservation or simply drop in. We can’t wait to see you this holiday!