Easy Ways to Incorporate More Seafood Into Your Diet

Mar 3, 2020 | Diet|Food

We’ve all been there. A full day of red meat for every meal, little to no vegetables and an upset stomach to show for it. When you aren’t intentional with your food choices, you often fall into the trap of unhealthiness. The road to healthy eating is best taken one step at a time. In order to avoid cravings and uncontrollable cheat days, add healthy foods instead of taking away calories. One of the simplest and most satisfying additions is fish. Here are our favorite foodie-friendly options to fit into your new healthy living habits:

Choose Recipes or Menu Items with Ingredients You Know and Love

If you’re unsure about cilantro, don’t opt for a meal with cilantro! If you don’t like certain ingredients on your chicken or steak, there’s a good chance you still won’t like them paired with seafood. Exploring new food items is exciting, but it can quickly go awry if you don’t like what you order.

Crowd-pleasing seafood choices include flaky white fish, shrimp and salmon. Julington Creek Fish Camp features gourmet varieties of all three of these staples on our menu.

Dine at Restaurants with a Seafood-Focused Menu

It’s easy to order fish when it’s your primary option. Opt for one of Jacksonville’s seafood restaurants instead of a burger joint or fast food. Purposeful dining choices are the first step to a healthier body. When you put yourself in a situation to order fried chicken wings and cheese sticks, there’s a good chance you’ll give in and regret it later.

Jacksonville is a hub for some of the freshest, highest-quality seafood you can find. Whether you live here or are simply passing through, be sure to add one of the Fish Camp locations to your itinerary. Healthy seafood options (and a couple cheat dishes!) are in abundance on our seasonal lunch and dinner menus.

Healthy Eating with a View at Julington Creek Fish Camp

Everyone begins to watch their waistline as summer approaches. Whether you want to lose weight or reduce your blood pressure, including fish in your diet is always a good idea. The best way to stick to a new diet is to keep it fun and enjoyable. Julington Creek Fish Camp offers one of the best dining experiences in North Florida (with high-quality food to match).

Drop in or make a reservation today. We can’t wait to see you!