Can’t Miss Seafood Appetizers to Try at a Jacksonville Destination Restaurant

Jul 7, 2014 | Food

Certain restaurants stand out more than others in terms of what they are able to serve up their guests with for appetizers.  The appetizers or the starters are the best part of the meal for many restaurant fans.  They give everyone a chance to taste some great stuff in small quantities to quench their appetite.  Jacksonville destination restaurants like Julington Creek Fish Camp do starters in a marvelous fashion.  Let’s take a look at some can’t miss seafood starters from this great destination.
Vegetables Galore
Great restaurants do some truly unique and special things with vegetables.  A few of the starters that are well worth highlighting at a destination restaurant like this include the crispy artichoke hearts, as well as the fried green tomatoes.  Both of these are filled with an incredible amount of taste and juice.  They are the types of starters that can easily be shared with a group of people.  Fried green tomatoes, especially when done properly, are one of the most popular southern starters out there for those to taste who are new to the area. Others that are outside of the seafood realm, but are still well worth nothing, include the salads.  The greek salad with olives and feta, as well as the beet salad, are both going to get you a taste of veggies in a way that will have your taste buds dancing.
Time for the Seafood
Seafood starters are so much fun to eat.  You get to try things that you may not want to have as a full meal, but are delicious to you when experienced in smaller quantities.  The highlight for many at this destination restaurant include the grilled octopus and white bean salad, as well as the gator tail.  Gator tail is one of those dishes that is very southern in terms of where it is available.  Proper preparation of gator tail can have any newcomer to the dish excited beyond belief, it is really good stuff. Other standouts from this destination restaurant include the raw or steamed oysters, thanks in large part to just how local and fresh they can be.  Crispy calamari, served up with the Julington Creek Fish Camp spicy tomato sauce, is also one that is a delicious treat to share with a group of people.  The smoked fish spread, as well as the aback conch fritters, are also well worth bringing out.  The great thing about Julington Creek Fish Camp starters is the unique southern twists on so many of these great seafood treats, none of which we get to eat too often. Restaurant starters are a great way to break the ice with a group of people and start a meal.  You will likely have a drink in front of you, and will be able to take part in sharing some delicious food that is going to spark conversation, get you in that mood of rest and relaxation that every restaurant should strive to present to its guests.