Atmospheres Raise Morale at Julington Creek Fish Camp

Feb 3, 2014 | Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a restaurant can have a great impact on the overall morale of the establishment. This atmosphere is not something that can be easily manufactured. Instead, it requires an approach that starts with the owners, moves down to the staff, and then trickles down from there to the actual guests. The unison of these three groups of people is what can create an atmosphere that can make any restaurant feel truly special on any given night.
Start With the Owners

The owners of a restaurant, such as those that own the Julington Creek Fish Camp, have to take pride in the atmosphere of the restaurant. The energy and creativity that they bring to their restaurant is what is going to drive this initial atmosphere to raise morale. The energy that they bring is going to trickle down to the waitresses, waiters, cooks, and everyone else. Creating an electric atmosphere of good vibes in any restaurant starts and ends with the owners every single time. If you have a restaurant owner who sits in the back and ignores everyone, the morale is not going to be a good one, without a doubt.
Picks Up With the Staff

The staff is the next to pick up with the energy from the owners. It is up to the hosts, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, cooks, and everyone else to make sure that every guest that enters the restaurant feels special. The vibes that the staff of any restaurant gives off are going to set the tone and morale for every guest that they encounter. A grumpy host or hostess is not going to put a smile on a guest trying out a restaurant for the first time. Ensuring that every guest feels special and everyone is laughing and smiling creates an electric atmosphere that is hard to ignore.
Guests Treated as Family

Guests that enter a restaurant and immediately feel welcomed are the best kind. These are the guests that come in with a smile on their face and leave with a bigger smile and a lot of laughs to remember. The atmosphere of a restaurant is a great cycle between the owners, the staff, and the guests. Guests are going to want to learn the staff of any restaurant and want to feel as though they are part of that restaurants’ family. Togetherness is going to be created by treating these guests with this welcoming attitude. This will bring in returning guests as well as new guests to the restaurant.

Restaurants such as the Julington Creek Fish Camp have been able to make a name for themselves thanks to their atmosphere they set. Starting with their amazing owners and going down the line from there, they set the bar for an atmosphere that is unmatched in the restaurant industry. Creating a great atmosphere is going to increase the morale of the staff of any restaurant and enhance the guest experience to a whole new level across the board. The power of a smile should not be understated.