Adventurous Ways to Eat Raw Fish

Aug 29, 2017 | Food|Julington Creek Fish Camp

Don’t know the difference between Crudo and Carpaccio? If you’re not a seafood connoisseur you likely have no clue what we’re talking about. Raw seafood, called “sashimi” in Asia, is a delicious delicacy that’s worth trying at least once. Sure, it’s not for everyone. But take a look at our favorite types of raw seafood and give one a try next time you’re at Julington Creek Fish Camp.




Say hello to one of our favorite menu items! Julington Creek Fish Camp serves a ceviche (seh-veech-AY) of the day…all day every day (with a side of soda cracker, of course!) The overall theme of ceviche is raw seafood marinated in strong citrus, although the juice, spices and type of seafood varies. Fun fact – the fish actually begins to cook while in the acidic marinade. The end result is a flavorful mix of diced vegetables, seafood and spices served atop a fresh tortilla or crunchy crackers.




Poke (POH-kay) is a growing food trend that started in Hawaii and has taken over the healthy eating community across America. Poke bowls are pretty straightforward – a bed of rice topped with cubed raw fish and a yummy Asian-inspired sauce. The sauce typically includes a variety of sesame oil, soy sauce and seafood. Other common ingredients are wasabi, Japanese mayo, avocado and/or onions.




Sashimi (suh-SHEE-me)  is one of the oldest, simplest Japanese preparations of fish. This preparation involves finely sliced fish with no marinade, no sauce and minimal garnishes. The shelflife of the fish is extended due to the method in which the fish is killed – a spear through its head (known as ike jime). Sorry to get a little graphic there! It often requires a refined palette to enjoy this raw fish preparation, but the dish has been around for centuries for a reason!




You’ll see this seafood preparation on the menu of fancy restaurants all around the world. The traditionally French dish originally consisted of minced raw beef but has become very popular with tuna. When you see tuna tartare on the menu, think finely diced raw tuna that’s been heavily seasoned, possibly a raw egg yolk and something to serve it on like toast.


If you love sushi, it’s time to branch out and try some of the other raw favorites. Stop into Julington Creek Fish Camp for the best ceviche you’ll ever have (trust us…we’re not biased!) We can’t think of a better way to bid summer farewell than with a fresh, flavorful serving of expertly prepared raw seafood.