5 Tips for Eating Healthier this Summer

May 4, 2017 | Food|Julington Creek Fish Camp

Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner! Although the weather is creeping into the high 80s, it’s still not technically summer. The warm weather means pool parties, lazy days in the sun and many other activities that invite a slew of poor eating habits. Julington Creek Fish Camp has a few ideas for combating unhealthy eating this summer:


Start your day with breakfast: Skipping breakfast is means your energy levels will stay low, causing your body to run on fumes. Get your metabolism going and your brain working by providing your body with healthy fats, carbs and proteins before you start your busy day.


Swap out soft drinks: Say goodbye to sugary sodas and overly sweet tea. It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated during the summer heat, especially in a humid spot like Jacksonville! Water and green tea will keep you going all day, while sugary drinks are packed with unnecessary calories and won’t do a great job of quenching your thirst.


Take advantage of seasonal produce: Head to your local grocery store or stop Julington Creek Fish Camp for a taste of fresh fruits and veggies. Eating the same produce year-round gets boring, which is why mixing it up during the summer is incredibly refreshing. The cocktails are more citrusy, the desserts are more adventurous and the entrees couldn’t be better.


Be smart with snacking: The best way to avoid overeating and keep your metabolism going is to eat five or six small meals/snacks throughout the day instead of two or three large meals. Bringing snacks to work or to the beach to nibble on throughout the day will prevent you from eating a high-calorie meal full of fat in the evening. Here are a few light, healthy foods you can order at Julington Creek Fish Camp:

Roasted Beet Salad

Grilled Octopus & White Bean Salad

Ceviche of the Day with Soda Crackers


Seafood is the way to go: Whether you do the fishing on your own or you go to a local restaurant or grocery store, you’re not going to find fresher, better fish than you will in Jacksonville during the summer. From red snapper to cobia, you can bet your entrees will be fresh and flavorful. Here are some of our favorite entrees at Julington Creek Fish Camp for you to take advantage of during the summer months:

Pan Fried Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce, French Fries and Turnip Slaw

S&P Catfish – with Sauce Gribiche, Cole Slaw, Fries

Baja Style Tacos with Cod, Salsa Fresca, Adobe Sour Cream


You deserve to live a little over summer, but overindulging during every meal will leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. Along with maintaining a healthy diet these next few months, take advantage of the many activities our coast has to offer. Water skiing, beach volleyball and stand up paddleboarding burn plenty of calories and expose you to the beauty of North Florida. After a day full of exercise, stop by Julington Creek Fish Camp for a refreshing drink and tasty meal!