5 Must Have Appetizers

May 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

Julington Creek Fish Camp takes a great deal of pride in the appetizers that we serve up. We offer a wide variety of selections that are sure to please pretty much any guest that we serve, no matter what their tastes and things that they like may be. Our appetizers are, to many of our guests, truly must-haves.


Fried Green Tomatoes

These combine everything that our restaurant is all about with an amazing taste and southern flair. If you have never had the chance to try fried green tomatoes before, our recipe will set your standards very high. Taking a bite into these fried green tomatoes is going to give you that perfect mix that will make you want to come back for more.


Fried New England Clam Bellies

Fried clams are always a favorite of pretty much any seafood fan out there. Our fried New England clam bellies take this to a whole new level. The bellies take center stage here and are served up with dipping sauce that is going to have you enjoying and savoring every last bite. These make for a great appetizer to share with a group.


Fried Gator Tail with Cowgill’s Datil Pepper Aioli

Gator tail screams the south and when you are in the area of the Julington Creek Fish Camp, this is an appetizer that you certainly should be seeking out. This fried gator tail that we serve up is going to have a juicy but crunchy taste that is uncanny. The aioli spread helps to accentuate the dish that much more.


Grilled Octopus & White Bean Salad

Our grilled octopus and white bean salad is one of our more special appetizers that we like to really highlight. This octopus is going to be extremely tasty from the first bite to the last. Mixed with the white bean salad, this makes for a fulfilling and healthy starter option to check out.


Rick’s All Day Seafood Soup

You just can’t go wrong with soup. This custom recipe is unique to Julington Creek Fish Camp and is going to warm you up and be the perfect prep for your entree.
Appetizers are always a big hit at Julington Creek Fish Camp. We spend the same amount of time and effort focused on our appetizers as we do our main dishes and it shows with their presentation and taste. The five selections that we have laid out above are sure to get every single one at your table excited for the meal or meals ahead. Whether you are enjoying them alone or sharing, the taste each bite packs will get you excited for more.