3 Seafood Must-Haves this Summer

Aug 2, 2019 | Seafood|Uncategorized

No summer is complete without long beach days, weekend getaways and you guessed it — fresh, local seafood. Travelers come to Jacksonville from all over the country for a few obvious reasons. If you’re lucky enough to live where others vacation, you’re lucky enough. Between your afternoons by the ocean and late-night margarita dates, we’re here with our favorite seafood items you just can’t miss this summer.

Flounder is a Summertime Favorite

Flounder pops up on local menus all around the city this time of year. It may have a higher price tag, but that’s mainly because it’s extremely difficult to catch. Even the most talented fishermen often struggle trying to reel in a flounder. If you want to indulge in some flounder this summer, it all comes down to purchasing fresh and proper cooking techniques.

So, your local fishmonger was able to set you up with the freshest flounder on the market. Time for the good part! Flounder’s flaky white meat makes it a favorite for dishes of all kinds. Five-star restaurants and hole-in-the-wall seafood shacks will all feature flounder in some way, shape or form over the summer. Its mild flavor profile allows it to mix well with seasonings, vegetables and preparations of all kinds.

Julington Creek Fish Camp has a rotating menu of fresh catches throughout the year. Whenever we can get our hands on top quality flounder, we always feature it on our specials menu. When available, order the Local Catch Hoppin’ John with fresh flounder for a real treat.

Juicy Scallops are the Perfect Seasonal Dish

Scallops are a guest and team favorite over here at Julington Creek Fish Camp. Considering one of the most requested dishes on our menu is the fried scallops, we aren’t surprised by the overwhelming favoritism. Pair yours with steamed spinach for a real treat.

If you’re not much of a fisherman, then you might not know that peak scallop harvesting in Florida kicked off this week and goes until late September. South Florida might have a lobster season, but North Florida certainly competes with our abundance of scallops. Go scalloping with the little ones if you haven’t already! It’s fun for everyone if you do a little research before getting started. Chat with some experts at your local bait shop for some insider advice.

Oysters are Always a Good Idea

Raw and broiled oysters don’t last very long around Julington Creek Fish Camp. They’re a staple on our menu year-round and never seem to go out of style. People have enjoyed this delicacy for ages, and we have no doubt why that’s the case. If you opt for raw oysters, find a topping combo you absolutely love. Favorite accouterments include cocktail sauce, lemon juice and hot sauce. If you eat them broiled, just let the butter and breadcrumbs do their job.

Julington Creek Boasts Some of the Best Views and Seafood in Jacksonville

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Over 1,200 Google reviews for Julington Creek Fish Camp gives us a 4.5 rating. That’s pretty dang good if you ask us. Between the fresh seafood you order and the idyllic atmosphere, we promise it’ll be one of the best dining experiences you’ll have all year.

Reserve your table here to try out our favorite seasonal seafood for yourself.